Roadside Rescue

This benefit applies to all covers under this policy.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Phone 0800 374 448

By purchasing a vehicle from Car4u® your vehicle is eligible for the benefit of Roadside Assistance. The Roadside Assistance benefit provides you with a maximum of three callouts per year to a maximum value of $100 + GST per callout. You and any person named on Policy Schedule can receive assistance in the following situations.

  1. Mechanical Breakdown Assistance

    In the event of mechanical breakdown we will dispatch a service provider to attempt to mobilise your Vehicle. If the problem causing the immobility is a minor mechanical or electrical breakdown, the service provider will attempt emergency mechanical or electrical repair at the roadside to rectify the problem.

  2. Towing

    In the event that a Vehicle suffers a breakdown and cannot be mobilised, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest DriveRight Authorised Repair Facility from the breakdown site.

    If the Authorised Repair Facility is not open, the vehicle will be towed to a place of storage until the Vehicle can be delivered to the nearest facility under the above criteria.

    If at the time of breakdown the vehicle was towing a caravan, boat or trailer this vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest Authorised Repair Facility or place of safety. Towing and storage costs for a caravan, boat or trailer will be your responsibility.

  3. Flat Battery

    If the Vehicle’s battery is flat and you cannot start the Vehicle’s engine our service provider will arrange to restart your engine.

  4. Lost and Locked-in Keys

    If you lock your keys in the Vehicle or lose your keys, Our provider will access the vehicle, or if appropriate, transport the vehicle to the nearest DriveRight Authorised Repair Facility.

  5. Change of Flat Tyres

    If you require assistance changing a flat tyre, we will dispatch a service provider to fit your spare wheel.

  6. Out of Fuel

    If you run out of fuel we will dispatch a service provider to give you 5 litres of fuel without charge to you.

  7. Taxi Option

    If we tow your vehicle due to a mechanical breakdown, we will reimburse one taxi ride to the value of $50 including GT to enable the Vehicle occupants to continue their journey. Any taxi fare charged in excess of this limit will be the occupant’s responsibility.

  8. Emergency Co-ordination

    In the event of an emergency we will assist you in arranging accommodation or transportation services. The cost of these services will be your responsibility.

  9. Accident, Theft, Vandalism and Collision Co-ordination

    Following a motor vehicle accident, theft, vandalism or collision, we will provide advice and assistance, Towing and transportation services can be arranged at your expense in the event that the vehicle is either immobilised or unsafe to drive.

  10. Windscreen Repair Referral

    In the event your windscreen is damaged we can refer you to the nearest approved.

  11. Message Relay

    In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, we can relay urgent messages to friends, family or business associates.

  12. Travel Delay

    In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident that delays the caller, we can co-ordinate the re-booking of pre-planned travel arrangements, or arrange alternative arrangements as directed.

  13. Legal Advice

    We can provide access to legal advice (verbal only) on all matters arising from traffic and motor vehicle legislation, and matters arising from the use and ownership of your vehicle. This consultation service is provided at no cost to you.

  14. Emergency Personal Assistance

    We will provide advice on cancellation of lost or stolen credit cards, cheques, passport and drivers licence.

  15. Medical Referral and Advice

    Customers travelling away from their home base and in unfamiliar territory may, from time to time, find themselves in need of medical advice or treatment. Our medical team will provide appropriate advice and refer you to the nearest medical centre for treatment, Consultant and treatment fees are your responsibility.

  16. Travel Directions

    Should you become lost or require travel directions, we can provide help and instructions on how to reach the planned destination and advise of delays in arrival by way of message.

  17. Technical Advice

    Telephone technical advice will be provided in regard to vehicle operation, instrument warning indicators or technical / mechanical information regarding the vehicle where possible.

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